Coastside Bio Resources has been producing a successful range of natural health products for animals in the US since 1994. In 2005 Pet Brands Connect began to manage SeaFlex – the unique, all natural, all-in-one nutritional supplement that dogs and cats beg for. Not just a joint function health supplement, SeaFlex® can also assist with skin and coat condition and help keep your dog or cat active, and maintain its ‘zest’ for life. Since 2005 Pet brands Connect has successfully managed, marketed and distributed SeaFlex into the Australian and NZ veterinary markets. SeaFlex has become a reputable brand amongst veterinarians as well as created a loyal Australian and New Zealand consumer following.

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Entering new markets, especially international ones, is never easy. Doing it successfully means finding a local partner who knows the market intimately, has a sales team that is committed to your product, and most importantly is someone you unequivocally trust to represent your brand with integrity. In 2005 we were fortunate to find that partner in Zoo Pets. Not only has our business relationship thrived—we also became great friends along the way.

Bill Spencer, Director of Business Development