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Hydracel – Advanced Electrolytes for Horses

Hydracel physiological electrolyte formula is designed to replace essential electrolyte ions lost through sweat, to encourage thirst and fluid intake, and to optimize both equine performance and recovery.
Unlike most traditional electrolyte replacers, Hydracel incorporates two additional unique ingredients: Betain anhydrous (a natural osmolytic agent) and palatinose (an advanced low GI natural energy source), which make this advanced electrolyte multi-functional.

  • Replaces important electrolytes lost through hard work
  • Proactive and supports a rapid recovery
  • Encourages the horse to recoup from fluid loss (at a cellular level)

Palatinose is a functional carbohydrate that is highly digestible yet provides a prolonged and balanced energy release for glucose. It acts as a sustained Low GI fuel source for peak performance and is a superior option to simple sugar alternatives such as dextrose.

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